Jesus fucking christ terry pratchet got witchcraft like no-one else.


well like lots of witches tbh, but for a dude he did ok

I'm re-reading "I shall wear midnight" and it's perfect and beautiful and.

granny weatherwax is sat in the back of the book like she's sat in the back of tiffanys mind and I've ended up in tears twice because of it.

VAW, sui, the work of prison abolition 

@drcable I wonder if that's partly because he started off working in PR?

@ghost_bird like, I think that helped with the general "understanding and communicating" but his specific understanding of the role of witches in society is so perfect, I suspect he spent a lot of time with pre-enclosures feminist history books?

@drcable More likely English folklore than feminist history, I think, given his interests. But it's the same sources behind both, so...

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