Next: Afrofuturist short films at the BFI.

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Always a good sign when the programme organiser cites Octavia Butler.

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Afrofuturist shorts at the BFI (1/2) 

All good films, unusually:

“Hello, Rain” - source of the still on the poster. An impressionistic treatment of a Nnedi Okorafor story in a camp, hyper-colourful style influenced by 70s horror movies. Lots of fun and great costume design.

“Pumzi” - post climate change dystopia. A more elegant take on the clunky eco-dystopias of (again) the 70s, which are due a revival now they’re looking prophetic again.

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Afrofuturist shorts at the BFI (2/2) 

“This One Went/To Market” - A welcome sendup. “It’s called Afrofuturism and white people like it. Got to get my ‘Africa face’ on. The struggle, and that.”

“Loop Count” - Loops as desire/obsession. Moderately successful. Invokes Vine loops but not in a a way that shows familiarity with Vine culture.

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Afrofuturist shorts at the BFI (3/2) 

“Afronauts” - Fable of a symbolic African anti-imperialist moon landing... but made by Americans, so its vision of Africa is homeless people in a junkyard. Which is uncomfortable, so I’ll read the evocation of Africa as symbolic too, and assume it’s about homeless Americans.

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