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This is your regularly scheduled "jesus christ terry pratchet is good" (scene: granny weatherwax going round the houses in a hat full of sky)

VAW, sui, the work of prison abolition 

granny weatherwax is sat in the back of the book like she's sat in the back of tiffanys mind and I've ended up in tears twice because of it.

I'm re-reading "I shall wear midnight" and it's perfect and beautiful and.

well like lots of witches tbh, but for a dude he did ok

Jesus fucking christ terry pratchet got witchcraft like no-one else.

Hello horses!

I updated the instance blocks to match leaving the exceptions previously mentioned, so we should be less easy to stalk right now.

Also there's a horse in the bottom left of your screen.

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Blood, medical 


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planning a long walk at the end of next week, and a europe trip sometime in summer? Trying to plan some breaks is good

Considering saving/putting in extra work/etc so I can try and make a japan trip this autum, before we all die or somthing. With a stop off in bejing because I would like to go again with no pressure to see everything/not at the end of a month of travel

I had a rif going on birdsite about sourdough communism and no-one seems to be into it so/but seems like it's a perfect way to describe my politics

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I spent the day working on a completley random and personal twine that has no social or political purpose and then built a new gaming pc for a friend, and I am feeling FULFILLED.

having an existential crisis so because I'm a trans woman I opened twine

hello horses i got logged out and missed this place

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google are fucking me off with the stuff theyve been doing recently so im switching from web browser to web browsette

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