Me: use devices as long as you can and don't just buy new tech because it's cool, it's bad for the environment

Also me: uhhh Caterpillar makes a PHONE and it has VOC SENSORS?? OMG


Caterpillar making a smartphone is a shameless play for techie hipsters who wear Carhartt and have never worked construction a day in their life and not care

@ingrid Caterpillar also makes wardozers optimized to flatten brown people's homes 🐛🙅

@nasser sometimes the masters tools also help you bulldoze or sniper murder everyone in the masters house??

Ugh nm you're right

@ingrid "the master's bulldozer will not bulldoze the master's house" though now i find myself asking "where is *that* vr experience?"

@ingrid i know folk with these(mostly actually using them too), some also have FLIR on them too

@ingrid also it has a FLIR camera and laser tape measure? The fact that I didn’t know about this already is proof that target marketing is BS

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