hello good afternoon i got shitty girl hormones so a little tiny bit of the rage is on the outside today

y’all literally murdered my daughter’s fucking planet, maybe try learning something without acting so goddamn put upon

the never-ending generational aggression of “I just don’t understand what you do”/“I can’t understand a thing you write”/“I have to look up your words”

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I have carefully considered it and the worst part of country life is def Neighbor's Fertilizer Day

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personal life, mh 

Do people shout at portraits as a convenience? “Dumbledore, what's 1 quart converted to cups?” “Snape, set the living room lights to 50%.” “Phineas, reorder trash bags.”

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air, whining 

air, whining 

In olden times, when people tended to spend their whole lives in one small area, people didn't know yet that birds migrated south for the winter. So they came up with a lot of ideas. Swallows lived under the sea for half the year. Other birds moved to the moon during that time. But my personal favorite was the claim that geese died off every year, and then grew again on trees in the spring.

Gerald of Wales even claimed to have seen this himself, bc the 1100's were good times for shitposting.

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The Smoke arrived here this week and it is so claustrophobic. We don't have a single public air-quality sensor out here in the hinterland, so I've ordered a particle counter and hope to be uploading data by next week.

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I think I would feel a lot lonelier living out in the woods where I don't have friends if I hadn't spent so much of the last decade being too sick to hang out with people very much IRL. I'm still (albeit differently) isolated here, but it's much easier to handle things now that I'm breathing and sleeping a lot more.

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