this mercury retrograde was extremely bad for me and my friends!!!!

im obsessed with the mccarren park bathroom bar….who came up with that…..

Obsessed with the girl who didn’t remove all her propane tanks from the side of my house liked I asked her too and just almost firebombed the house ❤️ 😍


I feel bad sometimes that I’m not working on art/personal projects in my spare time…but i HAVE been helping organize the block party on my street… it finally happened yesterday and it was so beautiful to see so many kids and families hanging out + enjoying all the programming we put together. it felt so good to help continue a tradition that’s been going on for decades on my block

grumble grumble work 

every week another person quits and I need to figure out how to leave but I feel so stuck grumble grumble

work stuff 

why would you hire someone who needs to be taught google docs? to edit a TECH PUBLICATION.

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work stuff 

the temp editor they got because the one news editor we have quit literally does not understand how to use google docs or slack and I’m on the verge of tears bc this is such a shitshow

things are so bad in NYC I wish I could hide in Ohio forever lol

lol my sister got COVID at the John Mulaney show where the Dave Chapelle guest appearance happened 😭😭 this is what happens when you let transphobes into your life…


this place was maybe poisoned from the start but i’m still sad it’s falling apart

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lmfao imagine morale being so low that the whole staff literally writes a letter complaining to you, the boss, and you just ignore it…

“in my zone” aka creating chaos over text while on the train

how are people making portfolio websites these days? halp


feeling decadent for taking a day off to be sick with the plague…aha whoops


Naurrrr can’t believe I finally got COVID 😰😭


extremely fascinated by my two roommates who keep leaving used cans in the kitchen sink instead of just putting them in the recycling bin…why?? what’s going on??

we got 15 of the 23 lockers into the truck I am in hell

after two months i FINALLY got my landlord to fix the broken oven door handle…i can finally ascend

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