US workplace healthcare nonsense 

truly what is wrong with HR folks / managers in the US who assure you not to worry about when you get signed up for benefits, because the start date is retroactive. No one at the hospital / urgent care / any doc is taking your word for it that you have insurance without an insurance card. May as well show up with a nickel and a wish


US workplace healthcare nonsense 

@jenlowe ughhhh. This sounds like a nightmare, I鈥檓 sorry.

I鈥檓 honestly surprised to hear they care, tho!

At least in NYC hospitals have almost never discussed billing with me up front (aside from getting consent to bill me 3x for provider, tests, and facility fee). And they鈥檝e been very dismissive + sometimes uncooperative when I want to slow down and check cost estimates first.

All my billing stuff has taken place days/weeks/months later. 馃

US workplace healthcare nonsense 

@cag wow!! Lots of docs in my life flat out won鈥檛 go forward if you can鈥檛 provide proof of insurance

US workplace healthcare nonsense 

@jenlowe but maybe that slick nonchalant stuff (which leads to $$$ down the road) only starts happening when they know they have your insurance # ?? 馃槩 blegh

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