Why do I only have meme ideas when I should be working???
anyway, I'm thinking about making this a shirt or button for the SPfA store

So psyched to have been interviewed for this Wired Magazine article about the benefits of solar power canopies in parking lots. Definitely feels like a career milestone to be mentioned in Wired... Its always funny to see what parts of a long interview end up being included in a story, but overall I'm happy with the quotes they used. wired.com/story/france-solar-p

@ranjit it's just very funny to me that anyone would suggest Pauly Shore was great, much less so funny as to be medicinal

The rhetorical backflips some people in climate tech will go through to avoid saying 'capitalism is bad' is really mind blowing sometimes.

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My goal for 2023 is to trick at least 1 cleantech bro into reading Marx.

My Eyeo Festival talk about power art and design from this past spring is now available to watch online! vimeo.com/772226108
I recently restructured this talk and made the slides less text heavy, but overall I'm still pretty happy with this. It covers a lot of ground about why art and design is important for the energy transition, my studio practice, and my book A History of Solar Power Art and Design.

It's kind of ironic that when you register for the ChatGPT API it wants you to confirm that you're not a robot. (I have COVID, so don't blame me if I've lost my sense of irony)

It seems that most aggregators available to NYC residents are fly-by-night start ups with questionable business models (except for hardware companies that offer DR, like Nest). nerds, anyone have an opinion about this?

Time to do crimes now that the Christians are distracted

@toroidalcore yeh, I'm sure there's a treasure trove upstate, though I'm hopeful I can find some within the city. I'm specifically looking for damage modules that can't be used to produce electricity anymore, it's basically a landfill diversion project.

@toroidalcore good suggestion! I haven't checked Craig's list yet. I can probably work with anything from 100-400 watts. Larger might be workable too. Thanks!

I'm looking for ~10 damaged modules to for a project. The projects will ultimately be auctioned off to fund education programming. Ideally the modules are in the NYC so we can pick them up directly. Let me know if you have any leads.

Thinking about titling a climate communication paper I'm working on "Vast and Furious: Communication Drift" and I can't decide if it's the dumbest or second dumbest title I've ever come up with...

Stayed in my new apartment for the first time last night and I'm happy to report 0 ghosts.

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