today i learned the NLRB reversed a ruling in which union reps could be disciplined if they used ✌🏻uncivil language✌🏻 during discussions with management

which means today i learned there was apparently a ruling in which union reps could be disciplined if they used ✌🏻uncivil language✌🏻 during discussions with management

#unions #labor #uspol #nlrb

Ryan Gosling was actually saying "Hegel" in all those memes, it's a common misunderstanding

Eating disorders, union busting 

Hey, remember last week when it came out that NEDA was starting to use an AI chatbot to replace humans that provided advice to people with eating disorders?

Two things: First, they had to roll that back because (shock!) the bot was giving actively harmful advice, including directly encouraging disordered eating:

But… it gets worse: (1/2)

working on the methods section of this research grant and I know I can't keep this but 1) I laughed and 2) it's true, this has worked with students

embarrassing realization, work 

I think I need to talk to a career coach

AI discourse shitpost 

I'm sorry are the computer boys just finding out about the extinction event we're already living through or

tootin my own horn 

also I looked so freakin cute in that video!!

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tootin my own horn 

going back to this talk I gave in 2019 when I first started researching early high purity quartz sourcing for the first computer chips ( and four years later I totally fucking proved my hypothesis in my master's thesis, go me

look I understand why Web Mercator is the standard projection for all the maps on the internet I just think it's funny there's so many wild ass projections we never use, it's like if the entire Met Costume Collection was your closet and you just wore the same outfit every day

specifically though: every sea critter (and waterfowl??) can be conscripted into impromptu musical performances by this one crab. it's like that one scene in season 4 of westworld where tessa thompson makes the humans trapped in host-world perform an elaborate dance for her

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feel like Sebastian the crab has a weird amount of power and influence for a royal court composer

you ever think about how complimenting someone's cheekbones is kind of just saying "I like how your skull fits inside your flesh"

Also like: gotta feel bad for people who actively maintain their LinkedIn profile, even if they make about 10 times more money than me

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Climbing the corporate ladder? How embarrassing for you, congratulations

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LinkedIn lurking on enemies has way more schadenfreude than Insta lurking because at least I can take comfort in knowing people I dislike still have to have jobs and jobs famously are the worst

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