Also on this call he had to tell them we're getting married so this was a real rollercoaster of a day

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Ramsey is on the phone with his parents so he hasn't seen the news and I'm just sitting here waiting for him to find out lol this week in sentences: Werewolf Month, first theft, gendered, exhausting, rectangles and, hackers, worms

you can cite the deep magic to me if you want. i was there when it was written but I like hearing it from someone else's perspective. it's pretty cool that you're a witch, too.

Project 2025 will have extensive impacts on lands, waters, wildlife and tribes in the West.

In fact, the entire energy section was written by Kathleen Sgamma, of oil and gas industry group Western Energy Alliance.

Here are some highlights:

-Expanding oil and gas extraction onshore and off
-Delisting grizzlies, wolves
-Un-protecting wetlands from farmers
-Increasing timber sales on public lands
-Moving the BLM (again) and the American Indian office to the West

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Why should I be excited to have Kathy Hochul involved in my relationship via paperwork I ask you

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As the grad student in the relationship I so rarely get to be the one bringing financial benefits to the household so that's nice but god I don't want to make a thing of it

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Probably being way too cavalier about maybe getting married in the next few weeks but in my defense it's to save money on health insurance

Seeing a "Why Is Everyone Trying So Hard To Make Glen Powell Happen" Vox explainer is so validating to me personally

Dog, US politics 

My dog is still shitting her brains out today, in a compelling effort to make literal the political shit show of this weekend (I was no joke cleaning dog shit off my pants when I found out the news yesterday)

Out of deodorant but too stressed out by the weird little jail all the deodorant is in at CVS to replace it this week in sentences: the assembling of machines, a frozen head, filled with amethyst, life without history, incredible, boundaries to disappear

the only voice on it at the moment is my own, but the memorial is designed to receive contributions from the world

the idea is to record the names of the dead of gaza in all the voices and accents of the world. a small gesture of global solidarity with the oppressed in the face of zionism and the attempted erasure of Palestine.

if you feel moved to participate, the memorial will be more complete with your voice, and i would appreciate it greatly.

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since november ive been putting together a memorial to the martyrs of gaza. it is complete enough that i am sharing it with the world this afternoon. boosts welcome.

it is a simple list of the names of the dead read aloud, bearing witness to their loss, acknowledging each one of them as a complete human being, a story cut short by ethnonationalist projects and empire, someone who deserved more.

You call them "just in time" supply chains and yet say we are in "late" capitalism... curious

i don't buy from uline for my shop because of this! if anyone has questions about where i get shipping materials and shop stuff without them im happy to point you toward the best stuff i've found

minor good news 

it is unfortunate that much of the extra $900 a month will mostly go to my rent which is going up next month but like I'll take it

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minor good news 

got my contract for next year's PhD funding and it's not that I thought maybe the raise my advisor told me about like year in advance wasn't going to happen but it was nice to see it in writing

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