In other news I am basically relearning javascript and feel like such a fool, computers were a mistake

Today I made the analogy that vanilla js is kind of like speaking olde english and es6 is speaking entirely in memes and I stand by this assessment

My therapist's assessment of this situation was "I think you just don't like this guy very much" and it was such a relief to realize that's absolutely fucking fine

Running into person I wasn't sure I wanted to run into a Recurse was not as uncomfortable as I worried it would be but I did immediately feel reassured to realize a) he is actually just very, very "on" all the time and b) it's OK if I can't deal with that all the time

OK it turns out archery is great and I want to do it a lot more

Debating a "FIX YOUR HEARTS OR DIE" tattoo, not even because I stan Twin Peaks it's just a good piece of advice in general. Good or bad idea?

I feel like without glasses I have entirely too much face, also kind of like I am naked? Please advise

Wearing contact lenses for the first time since probably 2004 and I am absolutely terrified

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I have, it seems, become a person who has to make an effort to not dance in places playing Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

At this point I am kind of weighing every possible opportunity to not fly places

Flying to Chicago for a panel talk because of some scheduling snafus on my part, but taking Amtrak back for the scenic route

Once again it is the time of year to celebrate

(for the record I usually only go two or three times and even that seems...excessive)

When did I become someone who seriously considers going to yoga four times a week

One of them is a ten minute walk from Recurse so that's easy and I can just come back but missing literally every Thursday night social activity seems potentially a way to be a bad community member

Trying to figure out if/how to email the nice people at Recurse to check if the fact I currently have three weekly commitments, one during their weekly evening event time, and all three of them are therapy is going to be a problem

Another great genre of Think Coffee eavesdropping is Very Young New School Students obsessed with Twin Peaks but hate the new series, omigod

They're playing "Oops I Did It Again" in this Think Coffee and I forgot it had an interlude where a dude gave Britney the necklace from Titanic, what a wild time late 1990s pop was

Also they're talking about which of the 2020 Democratic campaigns she should try to work for based on who's most likely to get the nomination, aieeeeee

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