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Last Thursday and Saturday, I posted the first two pieces of a four-part series on Meta in Myanmar on my site:

These two posts stitch together accounts of what was actually happening in Myanmar between 2012 and 2018, both online and off. The third post, set to go up this coming Thursday, deals with what we now know about what was happening inside Meta at the time—inside the machinery of Facebook’s algorithms and inside the company itself.

I might have called him a "fucking bedbug" on my way into the building, that felt pretty good at least

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Finally got a chance to ask one of the creeps here for the building's open house how he has 4 million. He said he was a broker representing a client and I asked how they had 4 million and he gave a very NPC answer of just "they have the resources." Very disappointing! this week in sentences: most maddening, history of condensations, mailman, cult film, augured, lost luggage

weekly department guest lecture introduced me to this book on the ILLICIT SUCCULENT TRADE, extremely here for it

like I went from "I will bow out of this panel" to "I should drop out of school and quit my podcast" over the course of an hour of thinking (I am not dropping out or quitting the podcast but I would like to get a raise for the podcast work)

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I think the thing about taking things off of my plate is once I start I kind of just want to quit everything?? Which is counterproductive in a different way from the too many things

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look it's completely OK to back out of things when you have unexpected life events that make it hard for you to show up to all the stuff

as long as you're not me, the only person who is a bad person for doing that

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truly the only thing worse than being overwhelmed and needing to get stuff off of your plate is sending an email to someone saying "I am overwhelmed and need to get stuff off my plate, sorry"

between my landlords selling the building and my dog being sick I am really struggling to give a shit about anything

In further "Andrew Ross is a great guy" anecdotes: he was on Shannon Mattern's dissertation committee?!? Just a delightful person. this week in sentences: imperial swagger, over and over, odious children, slow-moving, the aspiring canceled

update: because the weather is going to be bad and probably not a lot of people will show, they will only be showing my landlords' ground floor apartment should I go and ask everyone how they made 4 million dollars

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might set up a little blog to rate the outfits of people who come through the open houses the realtor is doing on the building (which I actually will be at home for b/c no, I don't have anywhere to take a 10 year old dog for 2 hours)

Ilana Glazer would be fake-nice at the open house but 100% kick us to the curb

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ScarJo and Colin Jost would kick us out without even looking us in the eye, absolutely

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Pretty sure Ebon Moss-Bachrach already owns his place in Brooklyn Heights but if he were in the market I bet he'd be charmed by our setup enough to let us stay

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Ranking movie stars by probability they'll kick me out of my apartment when they buy out the building

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in my mind the only potential buyers for my landlord's building were basically sentient hedge funds because who has 4.3 million dollars but I just remembered movie stars live in my neighborhood and honestly if I get forced out of my home by Margot Robbie or something during a strike that would at least be fucking hilarious

Me: I will continue to be a graduate student because health insurance

University Health Insurance: why would we pay for a covid booster, it's not like a college campus is a perfect place for a virus to multiply lol

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