Watching a nonprofit media grifter frame a pretty worrying move as great news before they move into their next grift, you hate to see it

Uspol shitpost 

Prestige media: it's fine to withhold consequential info about the Trump admin for a year so it can be a scoop in a reporter's big deal book

Also prestige media: how dare you not let us publish detailed information about jurors in a politically volatile trial in real time as the trial unfolds

"These tradcore breeders engage in roleplay based on major fandom media, calling one another 'the Jim to my Pam'"

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pitching an article profiling a heterosexual marriage as a novel "monocule"

explained what Occupy Wall Street was to a room full of undergrad art students, off to let my wizened elderly form disintegrate into nothingness

trying to not just write "do not cite the deep magic to me, child I was there when it was written" in the margins of my students draft term papers when they talk about how online apparently used to be this week in sentences: infelicitous, health and busyness, bad writers, as great a gulf, 'sexy' ghoul, antique, deciduous, contraption or gizmo

Names of some real bills written by actual congresspeople, on our dime:

Hands Off Our Home Appliances Act
Liberty in Laundry Act
Clothes Dryers Reliability Act
Refrigerator Freedom Act
Stop Unaffordable Dishwasher Standards Act

Again, I did not name these. These came from the brain trust of Very Serious Men and Women of the Grand Old Party.

*youth pastor voice* you could say that the holy trinity is a kind of three body problem

fun fact: the original lyric was "cut my life into pieces / the body keeps the score" but bessel van der kolk is extremely litigious and didn't appreciate papa roach's musical tribute

is the moon really a "harsh mistress" or did you just lie to the moon about being married and the moon is reasonably upset this week in sentences: clownfish, kissing a man, over-sanity, in disguise as a mime, not lobstering, dead kangaroos, avalanche survivor, dramatic palm fronds, my imaginary dachshund

Various bad three body problem jokes made up watching the Netflix show 

As far as adapting the source material goes I don't hate all the changes? So many of the characters in the books were kind of on dimensional anyway so compositing them into a group of friends makes some sense. But I miss the comic relief of the book's Da Shi, Benedict Wong isn't given a lot to work with

The actor playing young Ye Wenjie is great, the 1960s parts are really strong

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Various bad three body problem jokes made up watching the Netflix show 

I got three body problems but a planet ain't one

Let the bodies three the probs
Let the bodies three the probs
Let the bodies three the probs

Let's get physical, physical
Let me three your body problem New very cheap plotter drawing offering: a set of 4 postcards that each take less than 30 minutes to plot, colorways will be a CUTE SURPRISE treat yourself this earthquake Friday, why not

NYC earthquake 

Humiliated that I was in a yoga class, IN PLANK, during the earthquake

There is never any excuse for leaving a hospital looking like this. Healthcare is a human right. Ceasefire now.

Deeply humbling moment last night when I had to explain the Air Bud movies and the "ain't no rules a dog can't play basketball" concept to my students

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