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I'm the first keynote at 9am on the last day of the conference so I am pretty sure everyone will be tired and hungover, sigh

using my stage time for this fancy O'Reilly conference keynote to tell cloud infrastructure people to unionize and pressure their employers to stop eating the planet, I guess?

Tonight I asked my class "do any of you just intermittently check the delegated strings page on the ICANN website" because I'm like this, why

Tech art dumb things 

Just compared astrology charts with my students, oh no

I can't tell if this guy on the subway explaining to a woman and a little girl how sharks have babies is this kid's dad or a guy on a date but if the latter what a powerful flirt imho

I left the conference shortly after my talk to go home to my dog because that is who I am now I guess

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OK that's over, it is very telling to me that this dude only started harassing me after the cops got off the train?? Ugh I feel so gross

I'm literally wearing sweatpants and a hoodie for fuck's sake

"she's probably German or something" please send an asteroid from space to this exact location please

He is now commenting about how I look like a supermodel

It's funny because I love New Yorkers for their ability to simultaneously hate the mayor AND the cops

On the subway and a guy just got on enthusiastically telling two cops how much he loves cops "even if the mayor hates em", he ended this exchange with "Donald J. Trump all the way", help

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So, I realize I haven't shared with this timeline my quick pitch for "There his hope for human infrastructure starting this year" pitch.

This includes both social aspects (a reliance on rare materials is unsustainable) and technical aspects (better options didn't exist until now).


A huge battery breakthrough this year, making bulk energy storage cheaper and accessible via large sodium ion batteries:

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