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well the internet also has concert bootlegs of The Pixies so who's to say if it's good or bad

Me: things are bad and I want to die
Partner: let this radicalize you
Me: it's radicalized me to want to die
Partner: suicide isn't radical
Me: what if my dying words are "cowabunga cruel world"
Partner: ...fuck

Love the reviews of Wonka that are basically "it's good but it's not Paddington 2 good", cinema reached its apex with that little bear going to jail

My therapist asked me what's helped me get through my last bout of suicidal ideation and I gave some dumb answer about rest and self care but in all honesty Kissinger dying last week helped a lot

Today is the day @darius and I finally get to announce that we're in the new @DigInfFund cohort of projects, researching fediverse governance, so I…wrote about trees obsessed with this educational film about the Canada Geographic Information System which features a special map scanner built by IBM for the Canadian government

I can finally reveal some research I've been involved with over the past year or so.

We (@redford, @mrtick and I) have reverse engineered the PLC code of NEWAG Impuls EMUs. These trains were locking up for arbitrary reasons after being serviced at third-party workshops. The manufacturer argued that this was because of malpractice by these workshops, and that they should be serviced by them instead of third parties.

1/4 this week in sentences: terrors of indeterminacy, Bad Guys, the earthworms, perhaps disappointingly, intellectual potatoes

probably shouldn't email my former employer, a certain tech and civil society think tank, with the message "noticed y'all haven't really said anything about Israel's murder AI" right

critical theory fighting words 

buddy you better watch it or I'm gonna have to entangle your assemblage

Many people don't know that the book publisher FSG is an acronym for Fish, Salmon, Grouper

"I can fix him": MailChimp mascot Freddie defends relationship with Bored Ape

If you are on Mastodon (all of you) and in New York (some of you), and free on Monday evening (hopefully some of that some) please come out to WONDERVILLE!!! 🚦

Dec 4, 7pm 🎈

Come say hi!! 💫

Today is the first day of a world where Henry Kissinger is dead, make the most of it!!

Reading about the Hamlet Evaluation System from the Vietnam war as precursor GIS and losing my entire mind

Today I watched a total stranger order the sandwich named after my dog from the neighborhood bakery and sandwich shop and I did not immediately say "nice, that sandwich is named after my dog" because I have been working on myself

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