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A Portland antifascist 

I am really glad I have a collaborator on fiction work who is cool with me insisting that the villain is always white feminism

Upon these works, gaze o mighty
They're the work of king of kings, my man Ozy

One two, trunkless legs before you
Just look upon now

Someone must have someone already tried to rewrite Ozymandias to the tune of "Two Princes" right

(he seems to be OK now and did not really want help?)

Dude just casually throwing up in this subway car somehow not the reason the train isn't moving, love to live in magical New York City

The dog has led to me befriending a very Old Timey Brooklyn neighbor who loves my dog and gives advice for beating the heat based on his time as a longshoreman and he actually says "fugghedaboutit" and it's great

Of course these Carroll Gardens babies in this store are named Desmond and Crowley, ffs

What's the most disgusting sentence you've ever edited

Oh no it's a video. A musical comedy. Video. They're editing still. Without headphones

I'm also enjoying the two women editing something together I think and one of them just said "that's a disgusting sentence" and I really want to know what that sentence was

The two people who are editing audio of a...musical performance? In this coffee shop without headphones. Are really something

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SOMEbody once asked me
To go see Pagliacci
To cure whatever's getting me down
Then I burst into tears despite laughter and the cheers
I am the famous traveling clown

I think that might just mean that person has a stalker

OH outside the Bowery Whole Foods, sounds horrifying: "I've been breaking up with someone I didn't even date for two years!"

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the existence of Airbud suggests the possibility of Earthbud, Firebud, and Waterbud

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Among my favorite NYC bullshit summer meal moves is to get a five dollar green juice from a bodega and pair it with a slice of dollar pizza

Just overhead a woman at a subsurface infrastructure conference say to someone on the phone "well, she's an extrovert and an Aries, that's why" I guess that is the vibe for today

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