I don't even drink Soylent, this is to research under-acknowledged signifiers of gentrification

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Writing a web scraper to make a comprehensive database of bodegas in New York solely for the purpose of cross-referencing it to my list of every store in New York City that sells Soylent so I can verify which bodegas sell Soylent, help

currently reading a very academic book (Planetary Mine) and I am once again reminded why the thought of being for-real in academia fills me with so much dread and keep procrastinating by reading Hood Feminism instead

I had to hard reset my phone which meant I removed my Masto app and which meant I wasn't really on here much at all, but taking refuge again in the face of Super Tuesday hello horses and friends

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Apparently when they played pretend Tiffany always wanted to be the character that died.
"it do be like that sometimes"
"it be like that, for sure."

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"back in kindergarten Jerry threw an actual stapler at someone"
"was he like the quiet kid?"
"no, because the quiet kid usually stays quiet"

One of them just described kindergarten as "back in the good old days"

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Overhead on the subway, in the context of two kids talking about video games:
"what do you do in GTA?"
"you just become an idiot"
"oh, cool"

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I'm the first keynote at 9am on the last day of the conference so I am pretty sure everyone will be tired and hungover, sigh

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using my stage time for this fancy O'Reilly conference keynote to tell cloud infrastructure people to unionize and pressure their employers to stop eating the planet, I guess?

Tonight I asked my class "do any of you just intermittently check the delegated strings page on the ICANN website" because I'm like this, why

Tech art dumb things 

One of my students told me she was so impressed that Julian Oliver mentioned me in a tweet recently and I felt so weird about it

Just compared astrology charts with my students, oh no

I can't tell if this guy on the subway explaining to a woman and a little girl how sharks have babies is this kid's dad or a guy on a date but if the latter what a powerful flirt imho

I left the conference shortly after my talk to go home to my dog because that is who I am now I guess

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