@thisisaaronland the museum is looking nice today (in town for a few days for a conference at Stanford)

For tax reasons I'm leaning more towards a Warhammer IRA

No one has proven that Glen Powell isn't something an LLM spat out after being asked to make a "leading man"

also I just noticed a bunch of new subscribers in the last week, cool and welcome new readers but who did that

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buttondown.email/perfectsenten this week in sentences: the bottom of the sea, we hate it, proximity of normcore, bond of guilt, today's foible, less hassle, Billy5000

Oh no I just got mad at a podcast because someone called bauxite a "rare earth mineral"

Have we considered making Kathy Hochul try to ride a fixie through Manhattan traffic to scare her straight

An imperfect comparison but hiring software engineers to solve coding puzzles to train AI reminds me of the clones in Never Let Me Go who get a few extra years of life by basically being hospice nurses for other clones getting their organs harvested


The Democrats are trying to lose the presidential election really is the Occam's razor explanation huh

Physical health stuff 

Love to cancel an ultrasound because my symptoms seemed to have cleared up and then 24 hours later have new, worse symptoms

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Physical health stuff 

Having a real "is it an ovarian cyst or are you dying or hey maybe it's cancer!!" kind of day, physical pain and hypochondria-wise

Lots of my friends are having kids and instead of that I'm researching top surgery, feeling cool and normal

buttondown.email/perfectsenten this week in sentences: hell is real, before my body became, one day, presence that costs, delicate equipoise, set upon

The AI industry spent $50 billion on chips from Nvidia to train AI in 2023 and brought in $3 billion in revenue.

Almost started a fight last night with the guy leaving the movie theater loudly talking about how he didn't get I Saw The TV Glow (this was my second time seeing it) but then he dropped his vape on the sidewalk and that seemed like enough of a self own for him

@andy it's very A Carroll Gardens Homeowner of them lol

I told our landlord that I was sorry that the neighbor was too cowardly to speak to us directly about it and apparently other people are more taken aback by "coward" as a descriptor than me

@rose_alibi yeah I'm like "buddy you're lucky to live in a neighborhood where dogs are the main actors pissing on the street instead of people"

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