(to the tune of "Secret Tunnel" from ATLA) sludge filled tunnel / burning your skin / sludge filled tunnel / toxic toxic sludge filled tunnel bloomberg.com/news/features/20

buttondown.email/perfectsenten this week in sentences: a crystal without faces, where there is dirt, expensive, one's hammer, mistaking a melancholy, something forgotten, another problem

"Psyllium Husk sounds like someone who owes Kit Fisto money"

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The vet told us to start giving Kitty psyllium husk to get more fiber in her diet and Ramsey correctly observed that "Psyllium Husk" sounds like a Star Wars character

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linkedin is made extra uncanny and cringe for me by the fact that most of my endorsements are joke endorsements from a kind of normcore ex-boyfriend circa 2013, also he's blocked me everywhere except linkedin which is embarrassing

Nex Benedict's death in Oklahoma is a story of the hate that has been unleashed in recent years. Following ongoing bullying because they were nonbinary, Nex was severely injured in a fight at school on Feb. 7 and died a day later. This story, and their life, matters. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/nex-benedict-dead-oklahoma-b2499332.html

dog health stuff 

the vet confirmed something I'd been worried about which is that Kitty is showing signs of degenerative myelopathy, which means she's slowly losing mobility in her hind legs and there's kind of no way to stop or slow it down. she's not in pain, and she's in early stages, but it's a reminder that we're probably not going to have more than 1-2 more years with her.

an undergrad emailed me asking me about good outlets for submitting weirdo freelance pitches and i feel bad telling them that I don't really know who's left anymore but also...yeah I don't know who's left anymore

buttondown.email/perfectsenten this week in sentences: apprehension, anthropocenic geology, the decency to unscrew, wither, withdrawn, an avoidable duck, Antarctica

I just published a letter in @washingtonpost on the CDC's potential change in COVID isolation guidelines.

"COVID isn’t over, and we shouldn’t act like it is"

Link: https://washingtonpost.com/opinions/2024/02/16/covid-isnt-over-we-shouldnt-act-like-it-is/

Went to a talk by Eyal Weizman and he basically just riffed for an hour and a half--brilliantly, amazingly, poetically--without slides and then went "ok now I'll show you some forensic architecture" and showed us some evidence of war crimes and THEN after the talk said "no questions, for I have no answers--please rambling comments only"

Incredible, no notes

can some Obsidian power users please tell me about their setup, it seems super nice and flexible but as far as using it for organizing projects I'm a little at a loss and learning other people's workflows sometimes helps

"I use technology in order to hate it properly"

- Nam June Paik

buttondown.email/perfectsenten this week in sentences: truculent realities, relationship with geography, dread sustains, overladen, courageous (and not altogether successful), this exotic example

Maybe the economy hasn't been "good" ever since the late 1980s when the top 1%'s share of income bypassed the bottom 50%'s? Feel like these guys telling me the economy is good actually aren't looking at the data

@jenlowe NYC hellos still happen! Though most of the time when I experience this children are saying hello to Kitty

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