observablehq.com/@lifewinning/ sort of a hack but here is the cross-hatched hillshade map visualizations with cross-hatch bodies of water--because of the particular complexity of the river I'm using as an example I tesselate the water polygons but in theory you might not have to for a basic shoreline or something. Also yes, it loads super-slow sorry

One time at the dog park someone said Kitty had "gravitas" and every time she does a goofy little face I whisper "gravitas" to her

Kitty just had a little waffle and wonders if maybe she could also have my waffle

Found a picture of Kitty from shortly after the animal rescue took her from a kill shelter that was going to put her down and it breaks my heart how skinny and scared she looked then but also I remember seeing this picture on their website and thinking "maybe this is my dog"

For years we thought Kitty was afraid of/physically unable to get into the bathtub and last night during the thunderstorm she just got into the tub like it was no big deal??

Update I am hanging out in bed with Kitty instead of pushing myself to work some more, please clap

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obligatory "ChatGPT does not actually provide a correct answer for a question concerning my particular niche field of inquiry" screenshot

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