The animal rescue inexplicably named her Kitty and honestly we can't think of something better so for now we're going with it

I regret to inform you that I have further succumbed to performance athleisure and I kind of love it

This is not actually a reassuring response to me emailing that I might be a little late to the call, guy

I feel like without glasses I have entirely too much face, also kind of like I am naked? Please advise

Writing copy for a fictional journalism startup that is some kind of hellish chimera of Fiverr, Patreon, and CoinBase

Also check out this fluorescent coral? Coral is incredible and heartbreaking

Oh my gosh I'm so glad past me torrented this movie so I could watch it while trying to process overcaffienation and anxiety in a hotel room in Cambridge

My college friend I follow on Instagram mostly for weird music stuff is full of charming surprises

I am now obsessed with hair color apps and feeling more confident about going full on ancient silver haired crone in 2019

Going through the defining albums of my childhood and this one's fucking me up real good

I have to give a talk at a foundation staff all-hands that's literally at Disneyworld so my slides are getting a little punchy

Today's tarotgram is mostly about eating fermented foods and memes

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