been wanting to make some plotter drawings to raise money for all the gaza gofundmes in my timelines so I started trying out the DEM-to-SVG approach with sentinel-1 data estimates of destroyed areas. Gaza's pretty flat so as terrain it doesn't quite have the same effect but the gaps are still a lot. This is a screenshot from a corner of Khan Younis. retrofitted an observable demo that did a neat trick with generating isolines to accept arbitrary geojson files--it's hella slow but I think it will make for some nice plotter drawings. this one is probably going to be a little gift for a friend who just had a kid whose middle name is, I am serious, California

testing out a pipeline of STRM data to STL to's SVG renderer, gel pens can be a little hit or miss but overall promising I think?

Got a new tattoo because this year has been a lot but I am still alive

It's based on a drawing of a quartz crystal I found in the National Archives when I was researching high purity quartz mining in Brazil during WWII sort of a hack but here is the cross-hatched hillshade map visualizations with cross-hatch bodies of water--because of the particular complexity of the river I'm using as an example I tesselate the water polygons but in theory you might not have to for a basic shoreline or something. Also yes, it loads super-slow sorry

One time at the dog park someone said Kitty had "gravitas" and every time she does a goofy little face I whisper "gravitas" to her

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