when was the last time you were actually "excited" or "thrilled" to "share", be honest

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(look I thought it would be nice on a friday to ask people for nice stories OK )

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@jrdepriest @ingrid figuring out a good search to pin down exactly what you've got in your head is so satisfying! There's almost always a way to slice and dice it into the form you're actually looking for 🙂 enjoy!

@ingrid when i see a particularly good dog or cat gif, i am excited or thrilled to share it with the two friends with whom i share such things

@ingrid i made pasta genovese last week for some friends who had never had it!

@ingrid Whenever my kid wants something I’m enjoying, she tells me how good at sharing I am. Then when she’s done she tells me how good at sharing she is. It’s pretty exciting.

@ingrid I’ve gotten really into making tea from sagebrush and am about to give a bunch to a friend for his birthday 🥲

@ingrid ingrid my pumpkin pie is extremely good but I made too much

@ingrid i’ve really enjoyed sharing the world of tomorrow scifi shorts with folks who otherwise might not’ve seen em

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