Abusive behavior in public 

Had a familiar awful moment of solidarity on the subway as we exchanged "wtf" looks over the very shitty way a guy was talking to I guess his girlfriend. One guy started to say something when I was getting off but I think no one was sure whether or how to intervene. Turns out when you really need to use it bystander intervention tips just totally evaporate from your brain and you're just panicked!

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@ingrid that was something that really used to blow my mind while getting screamed at and physically assaulted by my ex-husband in the park or in the mall in Dorval, and nobody ever helped me. It just blows my mind how people "mind their own business" and let domestic violence carry on. It definitely contributes to the gaslighting. That is, how outrageous can it be, if nobody steps up to stop it, right? That said, I suppose people might have been every bit as afraid of him as I was.

@schwinghamer yeah, I think that fear can be a big part of it for bystanders which sucks! And I worried about making the situation worse for her if she didn't walk away from the guy, how he'd turn it around on her (like "you humiliated me in public")

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