respectfully: Cory Doctorow's definition of "means of computation" is too focused on software and thereby an incomplete approach to addressing the challenges he outlines

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I'm so annoyed that I used this term in an article on a now-shuittered publication before him (which he probably didn't see, to be fair, bc he'd have a better analysis if he had) and he's more famous than me so everyone is gonna run with his framing, lol

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@ingrid is there a way to see your original article? this 'my stuff dies with that website' is maddening

@ingrid @pootriarch Not having read Doctorow’s I can’t compare, but this is a real good framing and article. Thanks.

@ingrid i have a small file of stuff that i literally printed out because it was before i had a machine that could print to pdf 👴

@ingrid He's on the fediverse and actually tends to respond in case you want to establish contact and get your critiques to him directly

@pettter while I respect the guy and like a lot of his work I've been burned enough by high profile tech critic types who are lowkey much more interested in ripping people off for their own gain than building stuff up that I'm wary

@ingrid entirely understandable. My impression is that he's a relatively good 'un as these things go.

@ingrid I haven't read his latest work, to be clear, but I'm not entirely surprised he's overly focussed on software.

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