Today in I'm Definitely Getting Priced Out Of The Neighborhood: my landlord has asked if we can hose down THE CURB of our block when our dog pees because a neighbor has complained about the temporary smell of piss

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@ingrid oh the rage that would instill... also how do they distinguish specifically your dog's pee from the smell of the entire rest of the citsy?

@rose_alibi there are six dogs on the block but our dog is the biggest so I think they assume it's all her? (to be fair, she physically holds more piss)

@rose_alibi yeah I'm like "buddy you're lucky to live in a neighborhood where dogs are the main actors pissing on the street instead of people"

@ingrid @rose_alibi Send them
to downtown SF for a week, they’ll have pearl-clutched themselves to death by Wednesday

@ingrid truly. they're just asking to get bottles of piss left on their doorstep

@ingrid I've got bad news for them about how the entire city smells.

@andy it's very A Carroll Gardens Homeowner of them lol

I told our landlord that I was sorry that the neighbor was too cowardly to speak to us directly about it and apparently other people are more taken aback by "coward" as a descriptor than me

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