do people have multiple mastodon accounts? just realized I have another one on and not sure if I should merge it here or just leave it alone...

thank you to sysadmin @ingrid for successfully updating the server!

I have just learned that "Until the 1980s, both the Patent Office and the courts resisted the patenting of software programs, primarily on the ground that they constituted “mathematical algorithms” and thus unpatentable “phenomena of nature.”

YES, when I make a website it is in fact a phenomenon of nature!

I made some updates recently to my p5.vscode extension - adding some new p5 contributed libraries and fixed a long standing bug that would break auto-complete. More to come soon!

Figure 13 schematically illustrates a vast association of the whole nation

Figure 10 schematically illustrates the French criticism of the bourgeois State

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Years ago I made this text generator that transformed the Communist Manifesto into a patent application: "Figure 1 is an isometric view of the progressive historical development of the proletariat", and so on. Out of curiosity I ran some of the text through dalle - it's pretty much nonsense but sort of fun:

this is such a useful website for understanding the command line!

Here's a write-up about using Videogrep as a Python module, and integrating it with spaCy to do stuff like pattern matching:

What mobile mastodon client are people using?

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