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I hope they cast Andy Serkis as The Emerald Mine in the Elon movie

In a conversation about how great ChatGPT is and debating smashing the coffee table to eat broken glass just to change the subject

Might fuck around and try to start a reading group for Conflict is Not Abuse this winter

Trying and failing to convince my brain and body that it does not in fact need to be in survival mode anymore

DAFilms + Taiwan International Documentary Festival are running a collaborative free week-long online screening of eight documentaries from Taiwan's Green Team (1986-1990) guerrilla media collective, which captured massive social movements + government violence throughout their active period. The one about successfully fighting off DuPont is next on my list.

Incredible footage, exactly zero of which I'd seen before.

#Taiwan #documentaries #film

it should not bother me so much that Perfect Sentences is lingering at 299 subscribers and yet

what's a good thank you for a 300th person?

I also co-authored a piece with Ngakiya Camara about today's shutdown of Boeing, near St. Charles, Missouri, carried out by Dissenters and other groups acting in solidarity with Palestine.

Show thread this week in sentences: to exist without, buzzsaw through a butter cow, unquiet times, brood of mischiefs, grub-worm

Cool thing that's been happening since my last round of covid 

Sometimes I'll be sitting down typing or something and my heart rate will spike to 110
Cannot recommend!

ah yes, the stage of creative organizing projects where we tarry over whether it's OK to use Google Docs or not I had missed this hahaha

gaza discourse 

gotta stop driving myself insane reading instagram comments, fucking fuck

Again bringing up my proposal to ban statues of people in favor of statues of mollusks

Just saw a car with a sticker that said "novice driver" and I like that because it has a sort of sorcerer's apprentice vibe

Didn't have time this week to read the paper my advisor wanted me to read about "time poverty", that's the whole joke this week in sentences: dick-choking deaths, there and beckoning, hollow imprint, Wikipedia, oil slick, naturally

Went to see a documentary about the organizing and resistance of a village in the Sanrizuka Struggle ( and it was a good reminder of what solidarity in struggle can look like. Have been feeling very atomized and alienated lately and it's good to remember this is a structural dynamic and other ways exist!!

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