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We at @ohno really value education and sharing what we know for the benefit of the community, so we started making some video courses. Some will be free, some will be paid, but if you sign up for a course @jamieotelsberg will send you an invite to our Discord!

Hope to see you there!

having a real "negative $269 in my bank account" start to the week (I get paid Thursday so I am not in the worst of conditions but just very tired of this being a part of my life on the regular because of various medical and pet things)

Excited to read this!

Where Cloud Is Ground: Placing Data and Making Place in Iceland, by Alix Johnson

once again my dog will only let me do work if I do it in bed, next to her, while she naps this week in sentences: slippery customers, seemingly irreconcilable, glass between, gateway drug, advantage, imperialist drama, narrators, spring vegetable

Saying someone is "an economist" in the same tone you would use if someone was a eugenicist

“Hundreds of strikers outside Amazon’s Coventry warehouse were joined on Black Friday by trade unionists from Europe and the US as part of a global campaign calling for better working conditions at the internet retailer.”

Don't cross the Amazon picket line, folks. Support the unions instead.


I respect and appreciate my PhD advisor very much and she is infinitely better than many of the horror stories I've heard about PhD advisors, but there is simply no way she or anyone else can persuade me that qualifying exams are anything other than a hazing ritual

When you're a bit too extra performing a Sondheim song that's Finishing the Hat on a Hat

We went to see The Boy and The Heron and when the boy showed up on screen I leaned over and told @nasser "that's the boy"

Lots of mapmakers run small online shops that would welcome your support during the holidays. Here's a list featuring a bunch of gift options to explore:

Please share!

(Also I'm still seeking a volunteer to make us a website that links to the various sellers. Preferably one that can shuffle the order sellers are seen in so that no one gets priority)

And if you want to listen to scholars who aren't certain based on vibes while seeing footage & documentation, have written books, reports, or, get this, are Palestinians who live the surveillance her article is telling them is saving their lives, come to our #NoTechForApartheid event on Monday Nov 27 from 11:30am--2:30pm pacific.

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today I learned the CEO of a deep sea mining company is on a listserv I'm on and through him replying to a thread about deep sea mining stuff I have his direct email address and phone number

lol, lmao

Extremely 2018 software joke 

*le tigre voice* what's yr take on kubernetes

If a filmmaker really wanted to do a plot twist they'd cast Barry Keoghan as a totally normal well adjusted guy who's been to therapy

If even a small fraction of the $10b is in compute credits, that's a bonkers amount of compute.

Suggests that being among the renter class in this industry isn't the best place to be. this week in sentences: the dead future, the size of poetry, pouncing, espejos, twelve years old, probability of storm

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