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aging dog, weird housing life 

Kitty has been having some incontinence issues as she's gotten older which has led to more than one pissing incident in our building's front hallway. my landlord was trying to sell the building like four months ago but he just texted to say he's going to see about getting his contractor to replace the front hall carpet with hard flooring, which is thoughtful but also seems like a weird expense if you're really planning to sell this place?

Absolutely losing it after discovering what3words took control of the whatfreewords domain by arguing that "three" and "free" are indistinguishable when spoken.

Nice book story 

The co-op bakery in my neighborhood has a little book rack and a few months ago I gave them some zines including one of the first self published copies of Networks of New York. Today I learned there's a family with a little kid who reads it every single time they come to the store!! It's their favorite book!!

When I watch old videos of my dog I think "she was so little" and then have to remember we got her when she was six years old and she is basically the exact same size now this week in sentences: how lucky, severed, the Eighteenth Brumaire, laissez-faire dogmas, dog stew, the thing behind the dumpster, probably this week in sentences: how lucky, severed, the Eighteenth Brumaire, laissez-faire dogmas, dog stew, the thing behind the dumpster, probably retrofitted an observable demo that did a neat trick with generating isolines to accept arbitrary geojson files--it's hella slow but I think it will make for some nice plotter drawings. this one is probably going to be a little gift for a friend who just had a kid whose middle name is, I am serious, California

Listening to the audiobook of Naomi Klein's Doppelganger and a little disappointed she doesn't do a silly voice for Other Naomi

My downstairs neighbor is learning to play the cello and honestly I love it, so cute to hear the little scales very proud of u neighbor

the orc from LOTR who said "looks like meat is back on the menu" would have loved The Bear

teaching engineering ethics update: reflecting on this week's reading a student noted "socialism seems doomed to fail under human nature" so guess we've got a lot of work to do lol this week in sentences: hardship, most mighty, only, from Wales to chili night, death flavored, a season of death, druid email, as it turns out

I did it anyway but I feel kind of like a faker signing onto the strike Germany campaign because like, the last time I got invited to do an art thing in Berlin was probably 2019?? I'm a washed up has been baby, is it solidarity or just irrelevance

Dave Mills, who created the Network Time Protocol in 1985 to synchronize time across different computer systems and networks, died at age 85 on January 17 (Benj Edwards/Ars Technica)

The cascade of Means Girls promotion on my IG feed is only confirming my beliefs that Renee Rapp has the range to play both the Tridentarius twins from The Locked Tomb books

testing out a pipeline of STRM data to STL to's SVG renderer, gel pens can be a little hit or miss but overall promising I think?

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