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As Israel builds a highway bisecting Gaza and the U.S. installs a port (which the IDF will defend), it's clear that the infrastructure for permanent occupation is being created. There's no move to 'end the conflict,' only open-ended counterinsurgency as a means of vacating Gaza.

to the exclusively men who feel obligated to tell me when there's a typo: don't worry I just spotted it lol

Show thread this week in sentences: imponderables, humble farmer's son, the eternal story, horny jail, anthropomorphized, a nest

I am about to turn 37 so naturally I am thinking about how in the movie "To Gillian on her 37th Birthday" the 37 year old protagonist played by Peter Gallagher has a beach house and a boat and I'm pretty sure tenure in a literature department which I struggle to believe could buy two houses and a boat even in the 1990s

Worried I'm going to get thrown out of the movie theater during Dune 2 for chanting "Worm! Worm! Worm!" every time a worm isn't on screen

Catherine Malabou's new text on Proudhon looks interesting:

La propriété privée est d’abord un vol de mémoire et de sens qui transforme l’asservissement – immémorial et continu – en une assurance d’émancipation ... « Je suis anarchiste », conclut-il. just re-read this essay I wrote in 2018 and while I think it turned out OK I don't love that the general vibes have not changed even a little bit since I wrote it

I felt like a dork signing on when it's not like anyone was asking me to participate in projects anymore as I slide into cultural irrelevance but now I guess I did the right thing

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LOL it finally happened I got asked to participate in a project by a German arts org and I had to say "have you engaged with the Strike Germany demands"

We need new metrics for AI electricity use, like a ChatGPT exchange equals how many minutes of rendering The Bee Movie

Karl Marx did not spend multiple pages developing an unnecessarily involved case study about linens and coats that cleverly mocks Ricardo just for you to just call everything "enshittification" young lady this week in sentences: too much evidence, baroque architecture, through a computer, consistency of a milkshake, candle purchasing, rasps, clover, bright shrapnel, distinct flavour, threats

To be clear I would not trade this, the sitting on a couch crying with my dog, for anything in the world, I can't believe my luck getting to have this dog

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Being normal on a Friday night and crying about how much I love my dog while petting my dog

Remake all the Marx Brothers movies with the Skarsgård brothers, you cowards

(to the tune of "Secret Tunnel" from ATLA) sludge filled tunnel / burning your skin / sludge filled tunnel / toxic toxic sludge filled tunnel this week in sentences: a crystal without faces, where there is dirt, expensive, one's hammer, mistaking a melancholy, something forgotten, another problem

"Psyllium Husk sounds like someone who owes Kit Fisto money"

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