somethingaboutmaps.wordpress.c is really unfortunate; I think the Fuller projection is useful and should be used more seriously.

I do suspect that you could find better projections on similar principles by (practically) exhaustive search of polyhedron rotations on Earth’s landmasses. goes in that direction and I think its octahedron is already arguably better than Fuller for its simplicity.

I’ll tell you what I would pay $8 for is a tier of YouTube where the tutorial videos didn’t contain self-deprecating laughter at bad jokes.

RT @CopernicusEU: #Copernicus for polar regions monitoring 3/3

Several phenomena can be observed in #Antarctica 🇦🇶 at this time of year

Chunks of ice 🧊 recently calved from the ice sheet carried by the wind into the Davis sea were captured by #Sentinel2 🇪🇺🛰️ on 12 November


Sometimes you’ll encounter a scale-related image processing problem and think “I know! I’ll use pyramids!” Now you have 1.333 problems.

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