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one of my students texted me to let me know they're not feeling well (giving them my number was probably a mistake) but also on my offhand recommendation they looked into actor network theory and deemed it "cool stuff" this week in sentences: lest this become, things simply happen, drop everything, just the crimes, a sudden mineralization, confection prevails, petulantly trivial, David Cross, a palpable quality

we're reading Vibrant Matter in my grad seminar and I just sent everyone a clip of Julio Torres' My Favorite Shapes as "a related lecture"

“NYPD Officer Fired Gun Inside Columbia’s Hamilton Hall, Manhattan DA’s Office Confirms”:
Also note this: “Cohen said no students and only police officers were in the immediate vicinity when the shooting occurred.” In other words, the officer had their gun drawnfor no reason and used flash-bangs when that would not be normal for this sort of situation. It is lucky that no one was killed. (It's probably also why the NYPD wanted no journalists or legal observers present.)

been wanting to make some plotter drawings to raise money for all the gaza gofundmes in my timelines so I started trying out the DEM-to-SVG approach with sentinel-1 data estimates of destroyed areas. Gaza's pretty flat so as terrain it doesn't quite have the same effect but the gaps are still a lot. This is a screenshot from a corner of Khan Younis. Once again I have to pay the monthly Shopify fee which means I am reminding everyone that I sell plotter drawings on Shopify, perhaps today you would like to buy a plotter drawing? There's a new one available also

Still thinking about the zoom chat screenshot a friend sent me of someone mad about Palestinian flags at some UD space saying that to be inclusive they should have other flags, "an Israeli flag or an American flag or an Italian flag"


Why are you bringing the Italianx community into this

new odious discourse category: "the college students who want divestment don't understand how complicated stonks and investment portfolios are, this making divestment impossible"

idk man maybe the complexity rendering lots of people and institutions complicit in a genocide is the problem

told my students about how my DBT therapist encourages the mindset of assuming that everyone's trying their best and they vociferously disagreed, not sure how my therapist is going to take this

One of my students did their final project for CS Ethics on decarbonizing the power grid and made a working model of a utility pole as part of their presentation, like the transformer worked and everything. I love teaching engineers

If you really want to get upset about something going on in open source / open data space, I would suggest considering Niantic.

After years of refusing any communication with #OpenStreetMap, not to mention -any- kind of support. Niantic joined the Linux Foundations @linuxfoundation Overture (for substantial amounts of money), but its customers continue to vandalize OSM, burning lots of volunteer time at multiple levels.

Thinking about how in Monkey Man the entire training montage is Dev Patel punching a bag of rice but somehow this also made him really good at situational awareness and dodging punches in all the subsequent fight scenes

Today in labor history April 28, 1919: Anarchists mailed 36 booby-trapped packages to enemies of the working class. Inside each package was a 6” x 3” block of hollowed wood filled with dynamite. Their targets included U.S. Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer, because he had been imprisoning and deporting anarchists and union activists, including Emma Goldman. Other targets included J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, and Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

#workingclass #LaborHistory #anarchism #terrorism #bomb #union #RedScare #dynamite #AMitchellPalmer #emmagoldman #rockefeller #JPMorgan this week in sentences: this thing called an economy, long game, abide a chicken, nocturnal gelato, embarrassing about it, overdetermined, 100%

Should I pivot to working in oil and gas next because it seems like by the time I show up to an industry it starts getting murdered

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Me in 2020: well, seems like journalism is not panning out for me maybe I'll go lie low in academia for a little while to figure out next moves

Me in 2024: lol, lmao

Admin life 

So annoyed that I had to get on a group check in call today that I had to low key help coordinate at someone else's request and then that person didn't even come to the call??? It at least was brief and efficient but what the heck

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