for you metric system people, I'm a 15° person in a 30° city.

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was reminded by a passing reference to Hulk Hogan in the latest episode of RIP Corp that Jesse Ventura tried to organize pro wrestlers but Hulk Hogan ratted him out to Vince McMahon.


As their signature “maneuver” remains the gold standard in choking prevention, Heimlich & Co enjoyed another profitable year, though analysts warn that their failure to expand into new areas of accidental death prevention could hamper long term growth

Watching Hal Hartley movies on criterion like reliving my childhood

I hop on my bike because there are beautiful dark clouds and an ominous wind; within 10 minutes the sun is out, blazing away. Honestly, why do I even bother?

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feeling nostalgic at the moment because NYC is fully sepia toned

Interesting that the sand mafia sifted it's way into the plot of BARRY

things being used to make concrete (not an exhaustive list): kelp, cocaine

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Oh wow, Stalker and Solaris are just on Youtube for free, officially uploaded by Mosfilm, the original production company. They've got a bunch of other Soviet films up there too.

i can't count the number of times I've watched The Fountainhead since I first saw it as a teenager. I still can't believe that something so ridiculous and sublime actually exists.

Weather check: foreboding clouds, but no rain. Swirling winds but warm & humid. Kind of a Halloween in August vibe.

RIP Wolfgang Schivelbusch, I feel like I barely knew ya.

existential question 

Riding my bike towards an old guy and he says “hey, here comes Kenny Rogers!” so my question is, do I hold ‘em? Or does this mean it’s time to fold ‘em?

police horse keep back 

just a sliver of horse butt for no reason

In my defense, it was called The Earth Dies Screaming.

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It's a gorgeous day, so naturally I chose to stay inside and watch a British zombie sci-fi movie from the '60s.

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