The Mad Max franchise is ok I guess, but why is George Miller leaving so much potential Babe material on the table?

If you have a couple of bucks, you’ll never lack candy on the ny subway

uspol, alternate universe nyc 

on my whatsapp billionaire buddies groupchat, we're urging the mayor to restore funding to libraries and the composting program. also diverting funding from NYPD to public schools. otherwise, what's the point of having all this $$$?

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"All my homies are anti-zionist"
Poster spotted in Philadelphia

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Dream pt 2 (absurd funeral scene) 

Dream, pt 2, location Louisville, KY: Walking down the street, I’m enlisted by a very busy funeral home to officiate a funeral. Someone has chosen ‘Stayin’ Alive’ by The Bee Gees as funeral song and the family of the deceased is upset by this. Based on the song selection they’re afraid I will say something inappropriate and fire me on the spot. I understand their concern and I’m ok with their decision.

dream part one 

Dream pt 1, location Louisville, KY: Ned Beatty (as mogul Arthur Jensen from the film Network) is supposed to partner with me in an apartment renovation. He arrives with a large piece of reclaimed wood but is disappointed to find that a gut renovation is required. Feeling that I misrepresented the situation, he’s angry and abandons our partnership. After some tense moments we part ways amicably.

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this would be not great if the British Library wasn’t notorious for demanding ridiculous levels of ID evidence from its readers for registration. as it is, however, it is truly truly atrocious.

British Library hack: Customer data offered for sale on dark web #BritishLibrary @bookstodon

watching eXistenZ for the first time since i saw it in a theater when it was first released.

There’s nothing like a rainy fall day in Brooklyn, where it may drizzle or pour but low gray clouds hang with a sense of permanence and sullen purpose

Movies from the 1930s with psychiatry and neuroscience as plot devices have some loopy ideas about how brains work.

We had something of a blow around here last night, now most of the leaves that were on the trees are on the ground.

I watched The Women (1939) which is bonkers and hilarious and doesn't have a single man appear on camera. I've seen it before and I really thought that the husbands appeared in the final scene but maybe i'm mixing it up with another film or maybe it's just genius and makes you conjure up scenes in your mind.

so just found out that the NYPD is spending $390 million to encrypt their radio communications while libraries are cutting back on services due to budget cuts.

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