RIP Wolfgang Schivelbusch, I feel like I barely knew ya.

existential question 

Riding my bike towards an old guy and he says “hey, here comes Kenny Rogers!” so my question is, do I hold ‘em? Or does this mean it’s time to fold ‘em?

police horse keep back 

just a sliver of horse butt for no reason

In my defense, it was called The Earth Dies Screaming.

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It's a gorgeous day, so naturally I chose to stay inside and watch a British zombie sci-fi movie from the '60s.

today’s meditative bike ride sounds were by Horsegirl. It seems there’s a horse theme…

Today's melancholy bike riding vibes brought to you by the LP Horse Stories by Dirty Three

why did I never realize that Ursula means little female bear? this is why i'm not successful.

I've been getting my hair cut at random barber shops lately and during my latest cut, for the first time, the barber made no attempt to chat.

My favorite thing to do these days is to ride my bike around this city listening to quiet, melancholy tunes. Grateful for this place and its unending low key chaos.

Is it ok to get political here? Kathy Hochul nominating a conservative judge for a 14 year term as chief justice of the NYS court of appeals makes me feel a little sick.

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