I have new gutters and they found the hole in the siding where probably some little bird likes to crawl into my wall and patched it. TBD if the bird was inside but it’s a darn nice day, so I’d wager it was out flying.

Literally no one destroys me as much as my own child, which I think is why I’m ready to reread Shakespeare

Wow the f1 essay is perfect. PDF that thing.

All I ever wanted was to make movies, but I learned HTML

7yo birthday party yesterday at a creative reuse place. 12 girls, no boys. I have never had insight into that before. They vibrated as a high-treble hive, gluing things to things. They made magic wands and turned each other into penguins and other animals. One girl shouted "kids rule" and another replied "because our Father is King, so we are all children, thus kids do rule this earth in these end of times."

@berd In case you didn't hear, there's a 13th anniversary edition of The Instructions planned for this year.

Opened the Amanda Palmer newsletter to find that Lee of the Cloud Club is very ill. Think of him and of all those who make spaces for the weirdos to live and grow and be.

Kindof gross and also home renovation stuff 

The thing that was making sounds in the wall though the nights a few days ago has very decidedly stopped making sounds for a day or two.

I am very grateful for a top tier air filter and a trader joe’s black tea peony candle.

I made small/major mistakes on every project today while context switching wildly. Just an awful day, professionally.

I vastly underestimated moving day; both volume and mass of the objects and the toll on my body. A three hour “they’ll carry it” job turned into six with nonstop physical exertion, then two more of additional trips.

relieved to wake up to virginia election results very specifically those in the school board of my kid’s school

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